Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions we get at AfC Learning.

Seminar Logistics

How long will the seminar last?

The seminar will begin and end promptly on time.

What are the Technical Requirements for viewing the online course?

Please see the viewing requirements on our Online Course Technical Requirements page.

I have requested a password reset but have not received email.

Please check your spam or junk folders.  Sometimes password reset emails end up there.

Are food, drinks, cell phones allowed?

Each location has a slightly different policy on food/beverages:
• The Franklin County Courthouse (Tuesday and Thursday seminars) allows food/beverages only in the atrium area outside the seminar room. If you have a beverage—leave it on a table near you or take it into the atrium area and finish/dispose of it. There are vending machines on the 16th floor.
• Broad Street Presbyterian Church (Wednesday seminars) requests no food or beverages in our meeting area.
• You may bring food or beverages to Action for Children (Saturday seminars). Beverages must be in a container with a lid. No red-colored beverages are allowed.
Cell phones are allowed, but must be in silent mode and please do not text during the seminar. You must leave the room to talk on the phone.

What if I’m late? I really need to take this seminar.

We are sorry you ran into problems getting here. The Court requires that parents must be here by no later than 10 minutes after the start of the seminar—our hands are tied. You are welcome to stay, but we will not be able to issue a Certificate to you. You may prefer to leave and contact our office to reschedule.

But my court date is ….. and I can’t get to another one.

This is something that we don’t have the authority to override. You may wish to consider taking the online version of the seminar, which is approved by the Court. You will find information about it on this website. Please note that there is a fee for the online seminar. If this option will not work for you, we recommend that you contact your attorney as soon as possible.

Can my (Mom, Dad, child, new girlfriend, friend, etc.) come to the seminar with me?

Guidelines for guests are:

  1. Child(ren): the content of the seminar is for the parents and child care is not available; please call the office to reschedule at a time that you can make other arrangements for your child(ren)
  2. New ‘significant other’: if your child’s other parent is not attending this seminar, this person may attend with you; if your child’s other parent is attending this seminar, then the new relationship may not attend. We will be happy to reschedule both of you for a future seminar.
  3. All others: as long as there are no protection or other court orders between any of the parties, you are welcome to bring a guest.

Certificates for Court

When will I receive my Certificate?

You will receive a Certificate at the end of the seminar.
Take your certificate with you to any legal meetings, hearings, etc.
We will also file a Certificate with the Clerk of Court (Franklin county residents only)—within the next few days.
If you are unable to stay for the entire seminar, you may want to contact our office to reschedule. We are unable to provide you with a Certificate if you do not stay the entire time.

I don’t have a case number yet---may I still come?

The Court requires that only those who have been issued a case number may attend.

I don’t live in Franklin County.

The Franklin County Court has directed us to only allow Franklin County cases to attend this seminar. You may wish to check into the possibility of taking our online version of Putting the Children First.

Questions about Spouse or Court Case

Can my registration include my child’s other parent?

We ask that each parent register separately for the seminar of his/her choice.

What will happen with my court case if my child’s other parent does not attend? What will happen with my court case if…...?

Each case is different and we do not want to provide any misinformation. Any questions about your case should be directed to your attorney, mediator, judge, or magistrate.

Has my spouse registered for/attended a seminar yet?

Our Confidentiality policy is very important in helping all parents feel safe in their interactions with us. Just as we would not share any information about your status with this seminar, we are unable to disclose anything about your spouse’s status.

Other Questions

I am in need of other professional resources or help.

Please visit our Resource Page for a complete listing of professional organizations.

Still need help? Write or call!

For any other questions, please write us at: positiveparenting@afclearning.org .

Or call us at: 614.224.0222 ext. 103

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